20th March 2011


“To understand Rita is to embrace righteous living, to embrace respect for self, others and our planet; to make the choice to live life in peace and harmony with all.”

Anil Bhanot, Founder and Executive Trustee

‘Rita’ is the underlying balance and order that pervades our universe, the natural law that regulates the cosmos. Rita was discovered and expounded in the 5th to the 3rd Millennia BCE by ‘Rishis,’ and ‘Rishikas’ men and women with extraordinary creativity, scientific understanding, and spiritual power who revealed the sacred Vedas, Hindu Dharma’s most ancient scriptures.

The Rishis lived at a higher, deeply spiritual level, in harmony with the supreme all-encompassing spirit, Paramatma, whom they propounded to be the architect of Rita, the cosmic law, and the embodiment of the most sacred sound in the universe: the Sanskrit word ‘OM.’

During the period in which they flourished, in India, the Rishis oversaw one of the most advanced civilisations the earth has ever seen, the Indus civilisation. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that their towns were built in such a way as to promote peace, happiness, and a good life. Although only a few weapons have been uncovered, many thousands of exquisite artefacts suggest a culture that prized beauty, learning, and spirituality.

The Rita trust aims to reclaim ‘Rita’ in its pure form, so far as we can. This means understanding the law of Karma, the natural law of consequences, of cause and effect. Or, as Jesus put it: “whatever you sow, you shall reap.” It doesn’t mean getting bogged down in following a prescribed set of laws or commandments, but to have enough innate understanding and compassion to make good judgements about decisions that need to be taken, as they arise.

Each of us is born with free-choice, we must make the ethical choice to choose either ‘Shreya,’ the right direction, or ‘Preya,’ the wrong direction in thought, word and deed. The revelations of Rita help us make the right choices; the Rita Trust exists to promote understanding of this philosophy and to do charitable works that reflect the power and purpose of this ancient sacred law.

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