Mantra Raag Hindu Prayers
18th March 2015

Mantra Raag Hindu Prayers

Mantra Raag Hindu PrayersA compilation of 16 tracks for a simple puja or easy listening of the Sanskrit Mantras with respective Deity Dhun’s in Hindi.

1. Gayatri Mantra, to light a Jyoti, in Raag Bhairvi – 04.53
2. Kalash Puja, to create Holy Water or Charnamat, in Raag Shivranjani – 03.39
3. Ganesh Puja Mantras and Dhun in Raag Kalavati – 03.22
4. Navgrah – Rishis –Shani – Mangal – Puja Mantras in Raag Bagaishri – 02.39
5. Surya Namaskar – Ek Sad Rig Veda Mantra in Raag Malkauns – 01.43
6. Guru Mantras for Yogic Dhyan Meditation in Raag Yaman-Kalyan – 03.48
7. Maha Martunjya Mantra – Shiva Strotum Shloka – Dhun in Raag Darbari – 06.18
8. Matas Goddesses Mantras – Dhun – Durga Shloka in Raag Bhimplasi – 06.30
9. Rama Mantras – Ramayana Doha – Dhun in Raag Yaman – 04.29
10. Krishna Mantras – Dhun in Raag Bhairavi – 03.25
11. Meditation Upanishad Gita Mantras in Raag Piloo – 03.36
12. Wellbeing Vedic Mantras in Raag Darbari – 03.24
13. Prasad – Prosperity – Forgiveness Mantras, in Raag Vrindavani-Sarang – 02.06
14. Hanuman Chalisa in Raag Darbari – 08.58
15. Vishnu Mantra – Aarti Jai Jagdish – Twamevmata in Raag Bilaval – 07.54
16. Shanti Paat for Peace in Traditional – 01.09

The Gayatri Mantra as the supreme Vedic Mantra is to light the Jyoti first and then Kalash puja with some water in a container to invite all Deivatas. After the invitation Lord Ganesha is the foremost Deity for worship. Tracks can be chosen or skipped to suit devotional preferences for a simple Puja at a home shrine. Sweets and Food can be offered to the Deity as Bhog before Aarti. After the Shanti Paath the Kalash water can be sprinkled in the Home and/or Charnamat can be had by adding some Milk and Honey/Sugar, and Prasad can be partaken, at the end of the Puja.

For the more universally inclined, Tracks 11 and 12 are for general peace and wellbeing of all, along with the gayatri mantra for wisdom and the Shanti Paath for peace. Track 11 has ‘Asatoma Sad Gamaya’ (lead us from Untruth to Truth) a Mantra adopted by some other Non-Hindu Religions too for its universality. Track 12 has ‘Sarvey Sham’ sung in a similar style to Tina Turner’s, and the first Mantra of this track ‘Sahana Bhavatu’ is for reconciling two minds, and all minds – it can be recited ahead of meetings, debates or to make peace between friends/couples and so on.

The Maha Martunjya Mantra can also be recited to ward of illness, it is a Healing Mantra.

We will make YouTube videos for each track periodically over the next 12 months and the Sanskrit words with their phonetics and meanings in English will be written onto the Video frames, respectively.

For those who would like this CD, perhaps just to play in your car for easy listening, please email your address to:

and we will post it to you.

Anil Bhanot OBE

Please click here for the youtube video.

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