26th March 2019

The Mehfil Project – Self Evaluation Report 2019

Project Summary

A series of music and dance events culminating in a larger-scale finale performance in 2019. The three main aims of the project were:

Goal 1. ARTISTIC – Support and platform local artists

Goal 2. AUDIENCE – Engage and develop audiences in the region

Goal 3. VENUE – Raise the cultural and artistic offer of the Peepul Centre

This Self Evaluation report will summarise the main outcomes of the project and review the activity against these three aims.

In 2015 Anil Bhanot, the Chairman, spoke to Leicester based art organisations to form a network of artists to be based at the Peepul Centre. It took a few years before the Peepul Centre Arts Hub was able to format our first project, funded by the Arts Council, Leicester City Council and EMFoundation. The Mehfil Project aimed to bring people, artists and organisations together through Indian classical arts. ‘Mehfil’ means a ‘meeting’ or ‘gathering’ in Hindi/Urdu so this project sought to enrich the cultural offer of the Peepul Centre by creating an artistic hub or meeting point where artists and audiences of diverse backgrounds could enjoy and enrich their understanding of the music and dance forms of South Asia together.

Click here to view the report.

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