21st October 2019

Diwali Tree Play on 20th October 2019 @Peepul Centre Leicester

‘The World’s First Diwali Tree Play’, as Gursharn said in her opening intro to the Diwali Tree Play conceptualised and written by Anil Bhanot, was hugely successful starring our VIP children from the ages of 3 to 14 years.


Diwali Tree is the Bay Tree which was launched last year at Peepul Centre. In the Ramayana epic the Sanjivani potion to revive the unconscious and wounded Lakshman on the battlefield was made from the herbal trees growing on the Drona-Giri hill and to this day Bay, Tulsi and Agni herbal trees grow there. The Agni tree glows in the dark which was a sign Hanuman was given to spot the herbal trees cluster where he took that portion of the mountain and brought all the herb trees to the Ayurvedic doctor all those thousands of years ago.

The Bay tree is ‘conic’ which can be beautifully adorned with lights to signify the Diwali lamps of ‘light over darkness’.

Gursharn Kaur choreographed the key parts performed by:

Rama played by Yuvraj Brahmbhatt
Sita played by Ishani Kaur
Lakshman played by Anuskha Parmar
Ravana played by Khayani parmar
Deer played by Avni
Visbhan played by Ella-Dhiya
Hanuman played by Avani K


They did all the 3 dances – Sita’s kidnapping dance, Diwali Tree dance, and the Diwali Song dance – taught and choreographed by Chandni Premji.

Dimple and Hina from Little Peepul Day Nursery also helped to bring little children to come and join the play.

Nigel and Nash did the recordings and marketing respectively, along with the Peepul Centre Team.

Ricky Chauhan recorded the video.

Here is the link to the Diwali Tree Play performance:

Happy Diwali
Anil Bhanot OBE
Rita Trust & Peepul Centre


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