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The Articles support the deeper enquiry into the Rita, the Cosmic law, which through Dialogue and general debate is explored to be finally posted onto the Rita page.

Rita Trust funds and supports activities based on the Philosophy of Rita through Community Relations, Dialogue, Education, Health and Wellbeing. Substantial projects may be undertaken in future only when the Trustees have accumulated sufficient funds in the Trust and have time to carry out such projects, particulary in Educationa nd Health, but currently the events being posted are mainly to raise awareness which the Trustees personally support and where they are involved in a personal capacity, otherwise these projects and events are owned by the organisations the Trustees are involved in, and not by the Rita Trust.

The Diary Blogs page is used solely by Anil Bhanot to raise awareness or express his opinions on various topical issues as they arise.

Rita Trust aims to produce its own videos in future but at the moment has shown some links to what is available on You Tube.



Rita Trust estd. 2010