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India 800 Projects in the Tribal belt Sundabans

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Dr Krishna SardaAs an advisor to India 800 Foundation Anil Bhanot OBE was privileged to be invited to visit their projects in the Sundabans forest area near Kolkata for the very poor tribal people. India 800 is opening a school there for the children and Dr Krishna Sarda the CEO of India 800 and Paul Mathurin from the Ethnic Minority Foundation in UK, EMF, opened the plaque on the new site for the school.

India 800 is helping the tribals in health care, eye operations and women's hygiene products, making them affordable by new production techniques.

Right to Education (RTE) Debate in Delhi

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Parvasi Bhartyia Divas 2011

Right to Education DebateAnil Bhanot went with the India 800 Foundation Trustees Lord Amir Bhatia and Dr Krishna Sarda, to the PBD conference in Delhi 7th to 9th January 2011. One of the meetings at the conference was chaired by Dr Harpal Singh who is also a trustee of the India 800 to discuss every child’s ‘Right to Education’ (RTE).