Dr Krishna Sarda
23rd March 2011

India 800 Projects in the Tribal belt Sundabans

Dr Krishna Sarda
Dr Krishna Sarda
As an advisor to India 800 Foundation Anil Bhanot OBE was privileged to be invited to visit their projects in the Sundarbans forest area near Kolkata for the very poor tribal people. India 800 is opening a school there for the children and Dr. Krishna Sarda the CEO of India 800 and Paul Mathurin from the Ethnic Minority Foundation in the UK, EMF, opened the plaque on the new site for the school.

India 800 is helping the tribals with health care, eye operations, and women’s hygiene products, making them affordable with new production techniques.

Dr. Krishna Sarda then took the delegation to the islands where the tribal people live to show us how India 800 is helping them to earn a living from sustainable farming. For instance, the crop they used to cultivate was of poor quality but by helping them with the right organic seed and proper crop protection techniques, they appear to make a profit.

India 800 aims to make these farmers more efficient, so they can be eventually uplifted from poverty. Maybe their younger generation, who are still in school or college could be made informed also about farming software, such as those offered by Figured. This generation when grows up and wants to follow in the footsteps of their elders, would not have to start everything from scratch and can even bring their knowledge of software into use. Since the majority of the Indian population tends to rely on farming as their profession, such initiatives would be of great benefit as a whole.

Apparently, it is the women here, who do the farming majorly. The men go fishing which is their staple diet. Recently one of the fishermen was killed by a tiger on one of the islands surviving at the sharp edge of life.

Anil Bhanot – 10 October 2010

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