25th August 2014


Executive Trustees


Anil Bhanot

Anil Bhanot read Actuarial Science at university and then qualified as a chartered accountant and has been running his own practice in West London for 30 years.

Anil is a founding member of the Hindu Council UK (HCUK), a national umbrella body for Hindus and their temples and cultural organisations, launched in 1994 and served as its General Secretary from 2003 to 2009. He was awarded an OBE in 2010 for his services to Hindu community formulating policy to represent on various legislations and his significant interfaith work with other major faiths umbrella bodies. He is presently the Interfaith Director of HCUK. Since 2005, Anil is the Hindu advisor to the MoD.

Anil is the Chair and MD of the Ethnic Inclusion Foundation (EIF), a social justice charity. EIF raises its income from a 40,000 Sq Ft property in Stratford London by commercial rentals and conferences business, using its surplus of income entirely for charitable public benefits.

Anil is the Chair and MD of the Peepul Centre Leicester, a social enterprise charity for empowerment of communities. The Peepul Centre runs various activities at its 65,000 Sq Ft property comprising of Theatre, Performing Arts Music, Dance Studio, Restaurant & Bars, Conferences, Civil Weddings, Mixed Gym and Ladies only Gym, Spa, Sports Hall, and Children Nursery facilities to serve and empower local communities.

Anil set up Peepul Delhi NGO in 2018 which makes social technology products and brings access of digital services in the areas of hygiene, health & medical, computer training and other general wellbeing for communities less advantaged.

Anil is the founder of the Rita Trust in 2010, a family charity. [Rita: The ancient Sanskrit Vedic word for The Natural Law].

[Other positions: Editorial Board of Hindupedia; Chair of the Council of Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (2007-2011) which capacity built voluntary organisations and did several health, taxation and other community projects; Chair of Mosaic Community Trust (2010-2014); Founder/Vice-Chair of Council of Dharmic Faiths (2010-2014); Patron of the Alma Royalton Interfaith Youth Trust (2007-2014).]

Contact: bhanot.anil@gmail.com



Dr Santosh Bhanot

Santosh Bhanot has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and was a Research Fellow at King’s College, London and Nottingham University where she researched into artificial blood and co-authored several papers.

Santosh worked for Procter and Gamble for over 20 years as a global Senior Scientist in Respiratory Medicines.

In 2013, Santosh founded and Chairs the Asian Circle, an NGO of British Asian Women supporting vulnerable and marginalised women in South Asia, helping to build livelihoods and influence women empowerment.

Since 2005, she is a trustee for the charity Ealing Music Therapy, which supports children with special educational needs.

Santosh is a Trustee of the Peepul Delhi bringing her expertise on medical health, particularly for women, to the NGO.

Santosh is the Head of Peepul Health at Peepul Centre running the Mental Health Neighbourhood Clinic from 2022 to Present.

Santosh is a Trustee of the Rita Trust.

Contact: santosh@bhanot.co.uk


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