Right to Education Debate
23rd March 2011

Right to Education (RTE) Debate in Delhi

Parvasi Bhartyia Divas 2011

Right to Education Debate
Right to Education Debate
Anil Bhanot went with the India 800 Foundation Trustees Lord Amir Bhatia and Dr Krishna Sarda, to the PBD conference in Delhi 7th to 9th January 2011. One of the meetings at the conference was chaired by Dr Harpal Singh who is also a trustee of the India 800 to discuss every child’s ‘Right to Education’ (RTE).

Lord Bhikhu Parekh and others spoke of the need to use technology but more importantly to teach more of India’s heritage and culture at schools.

India still lacks the resources to make the RTE policy effective but many NGO’s, like India 800, are opening new state of the art schools fully equipped with computers, in the disadvantaged and neglected areas.

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